Vivir (sounds like vee-VEER) is Spanish and means,“To live !”, “To experience !”, and “To come alive ! ”. Vivir celebrates that spirit of liveliness at your wedding through engaging and expressive photography. With each wedding day, my aim is to create a collection of images that reflects the fullness of the joy, excitement and uniqueness of your wedding day. Is it the loud laugh with your maid of honor, a goofy look that causes the love of your life to lose it, a memory shared with your mother, or the way that your décor managed to turn out even better than you imagined? YES! You celebrate; I’ll be there to tell the story through images.

I’ve lived in Hawaii for 4 years and I’ve been a photographer since the year 2000. I went to college in my hometown of Cleveland, OH for photography and art, and spent my first professional years there, working on the sets of professional photo studios creating images for national companies like Nestle and Progressive. That experience, combined with my background in art is what makes me the photographer that I am today. I regularly get asked what my favorite thing to photograph is. It’s people being themselves. I’m a devoted fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, I love movies from all different time periods and countries, I host bar trivia, love listening to public radio, traveling, art and architecture and engaging conversations, especially over good food!

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