Our mission is to create film, TV, videos, and photos that millions of people love and enjoy. And that includes your projects!

The vision for our company is to foster an environment conducive to learning, teaching, growing, and creating excellent work where we push ourselves on every project.  Our goal is to create a film and photography school that feeds into our production services division.  Then members in the production services division will move forward into our original programming division.  We envision our company always creating wedding films even when we are winning an Academy Award.  You might be asking why?  We believe that what we do is a craft.

You certainly bring talent, creativity, skill, and hard work to that craft, but it is a craft nonetheless.  With any craft, practice makes perfect.  We see the benefit of working on projects large and small.  One thing we learn on a commercial shoot helps us in our weddings and in turn applies to our feature film.

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